The outbreak in Brazil not only caused thousands of prisoners to escape but also had a small impact on cellular lightweight concrete

  According to data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health on the 16th, there are currently 234 confirmed cases and 2064 suspected cases nationwide.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Sao Paulo, Brazil, launched a series of measures to alleviate the negative impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the economy and strive to support the poor and vulnerable groups and support employment.

The Brazilian Ministry of Economy said it would invest 147.3 billion Brazilian reals (about 29.456 billion US dollars) in emergency funds to help the economic sector and socially disadvantaged groups and avoid rising unemployment. Of this amount, 83.4 billion reais will be used to support the poor and the elderly, and another 59.4 billion reais will be used to secure employment. The Brazilian government intends to release the funds within the next three months.

Also, Brazilian companies can defer payment of some taxes and social security payments within the next three months, and the conditions for obtaining loans will also be relaxed.

"The Brazilian economy is still resilient, and the fundamentals have not changed. The Brazilian economy can withstand this shock, which may take three to four months," said Brazil's Minister of Economy, Paul Gerdes.

On the 16th, the main stock index of the Brazilian Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Bovispar index plummeted 13.92% to close at 71168 points. The Bovespa index fell 12.53% within half an hour of the opening, triggering a fusing mechanism, and trading was suspended for 30 minutes. This is the fifth meltdown of the Brazilian stock market in two weeks.

The impact of the epidemic on the population has caused thousands of prisoners to escape from Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the face of the pandemic, Brazil requires all domestic entertainment and catering industries to suspend business, and all sectors in the country that must protect people's livelihoods will delay production and production. The impact of the shutdown of construction and real estate on the economy is self-evident. Take the niche product of cellular lightweight concrete products in the construction industry, the international cargo ships are suspended after the epidemic, and the domestic raw materials used to produce lightweight foamed concrete such as foaming agents, plasticizer admixture, foam stabilizers, etc. None of them can be shipped to Batu. Domestic producers of lightweight bricks and CLC blocks cannot usually produce products without these additives. Recently, many local manufacturers of lightweight foam concrete products in Brazil have cooperated with Luoyang Tongrun Company to purchase a series of admixtures for foam concrete. These additives are of high quality and low prices. You can send e-mail to

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