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Three main advantages of silicon carbide semiconductors

With the development of energy-saving and emission reduction, new energy grid connection, and smart grid, the performance indicators and reliability requirements of power semiconductor devices in these fields are increasing day by day. High operating frequency, higher efficiency, higher operating temperature, stronger heat dissipation capacity, and higher reliability. After more than half a century of development, the performance of power semiconductor devices based on silicon materials has approached its physical limit. Therefore, the development of third-generation semiconductor materials represented by silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), etc. has begun to attract attention. Leading national and international large-scale enterprises have invested in the research and development and industrialization of silicon carbide and gallium nitride, and the industrial chain covers various links such as materials, devices, modules, and applications.
The advantages of the third generation of silicon carbide semiconductor devices are as follows: (1) the specific on-resistance is nearly one-thousandth of silicon devices (at the same voltage / current level), which can greatly reduce the conduction loss of the device; ) The switching frequency is 20 times that of silicon devices, which can greatly reduce the volume of energy storage components in the circuit, thereby reducing the volume of equipment and reducing the consumption of precious metals and other materials; (3) Theoretically, it can be above 600 ℃ Working in a high-temperature environment and having the advantages of anti-radiation can greatly improve the reliability of the system, and has huge technical advantages and application value in the field of energy conversion.
At present, the third generation silicon carbide power semiconductor devices have been applied in the fields of smart grid, electric vehicles, rail transit, new energy grid connection, switching power supplies, industrial motors, and household appliances, and have shown good development prospects. International leading companies have begun to deploy the silicon carbide market, and a new round of industrial upgrading has started, and they are gradually entering the era of third-generation silicon carbide semiconductors.
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