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What are the new plans for Apple Music voice? Who is it for?

Simply put, Apple Music Voice Project is a voice-controlled access service to a catalog of 90 million songs. It will be available later this year, and you can play just about anything -- full albums, individual songs, Apple playlists; It's all-you-can-eat Apple music. Note that you have to use sound to control it, and it has to be played from a Siri-enabled device like HomePod Mini(now with some nifty new colors), AirPods, or iPhones.
It's not the cost of using Siri to play your music. If you buy or store songs through iTunes, you can still play them with the Apple Music app and control them with your voice as before. Paying for the service is meant to give users access to the company's streaming catalog at a lower price than individual or family plans.
Apple's Sound of Music seems best suited to casual listeners who don't spend time crafting playlists and just want to listen to some music on the fly. While you can ask for specific songs and albums, you can also just say, "Hey Siri play some '90s Brit-pop" or "Hey Siri, play something light."You can also use Apple Radio.
The biggest difference between the two plans -- aside from price: $4.99 for one and $9.99 for the other -- is access to the Apple Music app. With the Voice scheme, you can't open the Apple Music app, search for artists or songs, and select tracks. Instead, you have to ask Siri to play the song you want.

You can use the Apple Music app to see a list of recently played tunes, as well as suggestions for controlling Music using Siri.Apple said the app also "offers suggestions based on listeners' music preferences", including limited content that can be played through the app. Apple hasn't revealed exactly what the service will look like or how it will work, so we'll have to wait for the launch to test it out.
The cheaper plan also doesn't allow you to create your playlists, manage play queues, download songs to your music library, scroll lyrics from your iPhone or iPad, or stream from any third-party speakers (like Google Nest Hub, which does support the full Apple Music Plan). It also won't play some of the higher-quality audio formats offered with Apple Music, such as lossless and spatial audio.
You can play music using Apple's AirPlay, from any AirPlay 2-enabled speakers you might have -- which makes the plan a bit better than Amazon's similar voice-only music streaming service. The Amazon Music Unlimited Single Device Plan costs $3.99, but you can only play it on one Echo or Fire TV Device.
What makes these two voice-streaming schemes unique is that you can buy a smart speaker -- an Amazon Echo or a HomePod Mini -- plug it in and have it play music. (You can say, "Hey Siri, let's start my Apple Music voice test," and it's up and running.)This removes a lot of the drag from streaming music and provides a simple setup for the less tech-savvy. If you're tired of listening to the Eagles FM every time you visit your parents' house, this could be a great Christmas present.

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