What is Holmium oxide?

What is Holmium oxide?
Holmium oxide, also known as holmium trioxide, has the chemical formula Ho2O3. It is a compound composed of rare earth elements holmium and oxygen. It is one of the most paramagnetic substances known for dysprosium oxide. Holmium oxide is one of the components of erbium oxide minerals. In its natural state, holmium oxide often coexists with trivalent oxides of lanthanides, and special methods are needed to separate them. Holmium oxide can be used to prepare glass with special colors. The visible absorption spectrum of glass and solution containing holmium oxide has a series of sharp peaks, so it is traditionally used as a standard for spectrophotometer calibration.
A synthesis method of holmium oxide
Burning method: The holmium nitrate solution is reacted with alkali to generate holmium hydroxide, and then separated and burned to obtain holmium oxide.
In addition, the rare earth enrichment containing holmium can be used as raw material, and Ho3+ can be separated by a solvent extraction method or an ion-exchange method. Then an appropriate precipitating agent is added to prepare the corresponding precipitate, and finally, the metal holmium is prepared by burning hydroxide, nitrate, oxalate, or carbonate.

The main purpose of holmium oxide
Holmium oxide is used in the manufacture of new light source dysprosium holmium lamps, and can also be used as an additive for yttrium-iron and yttrium-aluminum garnets and to produce metal holmium. Holmium oxide can also be used as a yellow and red colorant for Soviet diamonds and glass.
In addition, glasses containing holmium oxide and holmium oxide solutions (usually perchloric acid solutions) have sharp absorption peaks in the spectrum of 200-900nm, so they can be used as standards for spectrometer calibration and have been commercialized. Like other rare earth elements, holmium oxide is also used as a special catalyst, phosphor, and laser material. The wavelength of a holmium laser is about 2.08 μm, and it can be pulsed or continuous light. This laser is harmless to the eyes and can be used in medicine, optical radar, wind speed measurement, and atmospheric monitoring.
Is holmium oxide poisonous?
Holmium oxide can irritate the eyes and skin and has a certain sensitization effect.
Holmium oxide is not too dangerous, but repeated excessive exposure can cause granulation tumors and hemoglobinemia. Holmium oxide has low oral toxicity, skin toxicity, and inhalation toxicity, and is non-irritating. The oral median lethal dose is greater than 1g per kilogram of body weight.
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