What is Iron oxide?

What is Iron oxide?
Iron oxide is an inorganic, chemical formula for Fe2O3. It is a red or dark red amorphous powder with a relative density of 5~5.25 and a melting point of 1565℃ (simultaneous decomposition). Iron oxide is insoluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, slightly soluble in nitric acid. Its covering power and coloring power are very strong, with no oil permeability and water permeability. Iron oxide is stable in the atmosphere and sunlight, resistant to dirty gas, high temperature, and alkali. The dry method of the product crystallization particles is coarse, hard, suitable for magnetic materials, polishing grinding materials. Wet-process products crystal particles fine, soft, suitable for paint and ink industry.
Iron oxide application:
Magnetic materials
Due to its special superparamagnetism, magnetic iron oxide particles have a broad application prospect in giant magnetoresistance, magnetic liquid and magnetic record, soft magnet, permanent magnet, magnetic refrigeration, giant magnetoimpedance materials, magneto-optical devices, magnetic detectors, and so on.
Field of paint
Iron oxide as a pigment widely used in high-grade automotive coatings, architectural coatings, anticorrosive coatings, powder coatings, is a better environmental protection coating, the annual consumption of iron oxide pigment in the world is more than 1 million T, second only to titanium dioxide, the second inorganic pigment. Aas a pigment, iron oxide can not only keep the good heat resistance, weather resistance, and UV absorption of general inorganic pigment but also disperse well in the oily carrier. Ferric oxide is a commonly used colorant in glass production. The glass colored with iron oxide can absorb both ultraviolet and infrared rays, so it is widely used in the manufacture of heat-absorbing glass, sunglasses glass, industrial protective glass, and military anti-infrared coating. It also has the function of low cost, absorbing hot wire and ultraviolet ray
The α-Fe2O3 powder particles have a huge specific surface and remarkable surface effect, which makes them a good catalyst. Due to the small size of ferric oxide particles, the volume percentage of the surface is large, the bond and electronic states of the surface are different from the internal particles, and the coordination of atoms on the surface is different, which leads to the increase of the active sites on the surface. The activity and selectivity of the catalyst made of nano-α-Fe2O3 particles are higher than that of ordinary catalysts, and it has a long life and is easy to operate.
Biomedical and other fields
Nano Iron oxide plays an important role in pharmaceutical capsules, drug synthesis, biomedical technology, and other fields. α-Fe2O3 is not only used in magnetic materials, pigments, catalysis, and biomedical fields, but also has a wide application prospect in other fields. For example, nanoscale iron oxide has a good adsorption effect on Cr(ⅵ), with high adsorption efficiency and short adsorption time, and can be recycled and reused.
Iron oxide performance:
Iron oxide red to reddish-brown powder. Odorless. Insoluble in water, organic acids, and organic solvents. Soluble in inorganic acids. There are two types: α-type (positive magnetic) and γ-type (diamagnetic). The fineness of dry-produced products is generally below 1μm. Stable to light, heat, and air. It is more stable to acid and alkali. Strong coloring power. The relative density is 5.12~5.24. The lower the content, the lower the relative density. Refractive index 3.042. Its melting point is 1550℃, decomposes at about 1560℃.
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