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What is metaverse?

Facebook has changed its name to Meta to better reflect its focus on building a metaverse, which Zuckerberg described as "a concrete Internet that you experience, not just look at."
The idea of a metaverse predates Facebook. Futurologists and technologists often described as heirs to the Internet, envision the meta-universe as a place where our physical reality meets with a variety of virtual experiences in a shared virtual space. Science fiction writers or Hollywood filmmakers have explored the idea in various ways over the past few decades, often describing it as a virtual reality platform where users can create an avatar to interact with other members of the digital population. The concept's name -- metaverse -- even comes from the 1992 novel "Snowstorm," whose plot unfolds in virtual and physical reality.
"The word predates the Internet as we know it today," Explained Dr. Trond Undheim. He is a futurist and the author of a podcast on topics, such as technological innovation and artificial intelligence. "But now that it has become a gradually shifting term for digital communication, the Internet is becoming a mixed reality, meaning it's becoming both physical and digital."
Perhaps the easiest way to visualize this concept is to look at game communities -- which, in Undheim's view, are the closest to the so-called metaverse. These players build their avatars and interact with other avatars in a persistent online world. They collaborate in real-time, schedule meetings, and even spend in-game currency -- all communicating via headphones or chat. There have even been reports of people having their "weddings" in Nintendo's Animal Crossing virtual world and inviting digital avatars of their friends to attend after the pandemic canceled their real-world receptions. More recently, Fortnite re-imagined Washington, D.C., circa 1963, teleporting players back to the Capitol to watch Martin Luther King Jr.'s iconic "I Have a Dream" speech.
But the future of open-world games is just one of many ways that the metasomes control our lives. Of course, big tech is ready to go further.
Meta is trying to build part of a metaverse where users can do "just about anything you can imagine" -- or at least a place where they can interact, work, shop, play games, gather social events, or create content. He also claimed that Meta's efforts would create millions of jobs, just as the Internet eventually created previously unheard-of jobs. In addition to Facebook, which has previously touted its virtual playground and board of directors, Microsoft has also been talking about its own "metaverse applications" for creating and connecting entirely new shared digital Spaces. Allow users to join other online friends at an art gallery or concert, or patronize virtual businesses where they can buy goods or services -- real or digital -- with their hard-earned currency (or cryptocurrency).
Many of the technologies needed to create a metaverse already exist or are under development. But there are still some hurdles to jump before the concept can be used, including bandwidth requirements and getting enough people.

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