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12069-94-2 Niobium carbide powder NbC powder

Chemical Property for Niobium carbide powder:

Product name: niobium carbide  Color: grey black Shape: powder
melting point: 2350 °C (2623.15 K) Density: 2.52g/cm³  MF: NbC
CAS NO: 11130-21-5 Crystal Structure: Hexagonal  . Dangerous:  irritant, hazardous



Appication for Niobium carbide powder:

1. Niobium carbide powder is used to cotrol nuclear fission reaction.

2. Niobium carbide powder is used as abrasive material

3. Niobium carbide powder is used for coating and painting

4. Niobium carbide powder is also used in the manufacture of metal boride and smelting boron, boron alloys and special welding.



Handling and Storage for Niobium carbide powder: 

Keep container tightly sealed.
Store in cool, dry place in tightly closed containers.       
Ensure good ventilation at the workplace.  


Storage for Niobium carbide powder:

The boron carbide powder is packed in PE box,and stored in clean dry warehouse.



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