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  • Early Strength Agent

Cement Agent Enhanced Early Compressive Strength Concrete Admixtures & Mortar Admixtures Early Strength Agent

Product Description

Product Description

Concrete Admixtures & Mortar Admixtures Improve Strength of Concrete

Hardener for concrete is an admixture that can accelerate the rapid strength development of concrete. Its primary role is to shorten the curing period, speed up the progress of the project, and increase the turnover rate of the project. Precipitation, which promotes the development of the early strength of concrete. It not only has the function of initial concentration, has no adverse effect on the power in the later period, but also has a specific purpose of water reduction and enhancement.


Parameters of Concrete Hardener




Required indicators

Test results



Grey powder

Grey powder

Water content












Total alkali




Compressive strength ratio














Application of  Hardener for Concrete Admixture

It is suitable for construction projects in winter construction and concrete projects with early strength requirements under average temperature and low-temperature conditions. The use of this product can increase the strength for 1, 3, and 7 days, shorten the construction period, increase production, and increase the turnover rate of formwork and site.


Performance and Features of Hardener for Concrete

1. It can be compatible with cement, fly ash, slag, steel slag, stone powder, sand, and other industrial waste well, which makes cement products early condensation, new molding, early release, new strength, and put into use.

2. Improve the plasticity of cement, speed up the turnover period of equipment utilization and improve labor productivity, and significantly improve the early strength of cement products at 1d, 3d, and 7d and the late power at 28d.

3. Improve the rheology of cement, improve cement performance, and can significantly improve the compressive and flexural properties of cement products.


Construction method of Hardener for Concrete Admixture

It can be mixed into concrete according to a certain proportion according to the needs. Pay attention to the control of the mixing amount!

Dosage: The recommended amount is 3-5% of the cement amount.


Packaging and storage of Hardener for Concrete Admixture

25kg/bag, packaging specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

It should be stored in a cold, dry, and ventilated place indoors, and can be stored in sub-zero temperatures.


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Packaging & Shipping

Storage conditions
Early Strength Agent should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.




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