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  • Concrete Early Strength Agent

TR-B High quality & Best price Concrete Foaming Agent


TR-B Protein foaming agent is a dark brown viscous liquid with low impurity content, less pungent odor, uniform quality, good quality consistency, good foaming performance and excellent performance. It belongs to a new generation of animal-based cement foaming agent.

The bubble liquid film formed by keratin is tough and elastic, and the foam is stable. After being pressed by external force, it can immediately return to its original shape and is not easy to break. Therefore, the pores of the foamed concrete produced by it are mostly closed spherical, and the foam diameter is small, which is suitable for the production of ultra-low density foamed concrete. It has good pouring stability and high strength of foam concrete. It is suitable for the production of standardized components such as foamed cement partition boards and homogeneous self-insulating blocks.














transparent liquid

brown liquid

light yellow transparent liquid

brown liquid







Low cost / high concentration
Fine foam and good stability
The amount of bleeding is low.
Excellent strength and thermal insulation properties.
Foaming Agent is essentially

Low impurity content, environmental protection and high efficiency, high toughness, uniform distribution, good cell integrity and airtightness, good pouring stability and high strength of foam concrete.

High stability and foaming ratio


Applicable scope

Backfilling of small areas




Manufacture of light-weight thermal insulation floor slab and wall of steel structure system




CLC blocks, heat-insulating lightweight blocks




Production of Polystyrene Foam Granules Insulation Lightweight Concrete




Thermal and acoustic insulation floor




non-load-bearing wall panels




cement or plasterboard




Fill soil to prevent landslides




underground drainage backfill




Deicing under bridges and roads




Filling of tunnels and shafts




Perlite Blended Cream






Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd., the leading technology developer and application manufacturer of foaming agent, proudly announces their latest discovery which is centred towards the new ways for foam concrete, popular cement admixture developed by the company. It is suitable for Portland cement conventional foam concrete cast-in-place, block, sheet, and thermal insulation wall.
Foam Concrete are used in bridge approaches/embankments, pipeline Abandonment/annular fill, trench backfill, precast blocks, precast wall elements/panels, cast-in-situ/cast-in-place walls, insulating compensation laying, insulation floor screeds, insulation roof screeds, sunken portion filling, trench reinstatement, sub-base in highways, filling of hollow blocks, prefabricated insulation boards and much more.




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