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HomeAnswerAdvanced materials: cation - π interaction in graphene system

Advanced materials: cation – π interaction in graphene system

cation – π interaction is a kind of non covalent interaction which is ubiquitous in nature especially in life is essential in many life reactions. In recent years the key role of cation – π interaction in biology chemistry physics has been widely concerned. The strength of cation – π interaction is affected by many factors such as ionic properties size / configuration / curvature of π system substitution effect of π system. In addition there is a synergistic effect between the cation – π interaction the π – π interaction the hydrogen bond. When the π system participates in the two interactions the strength of the cation – π interaction will be enhanced. In recent years the importance of cation – π interaction in carbon nanomaterials has been paid more more attention. Graphene is a kind of two-dimensional material with hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms with SP 2 hybrid orbitals which can be regarded as a unique aromatic macromolecule. The cation – π interaction in graphene system has a decisive effect on the structural stability selectivity interlayer spacing of graphene oxide films. The interaction between cations delocalized π – electrons in graphene will lead to the enrichment of cations on the surface of graphene the redistribution of ions in solution electrons in graphene structure then affect the intrinsic properties of graphene materials the performance of graphene based devices. It is important to underst the cation – π interaction in graphene system for the control of graphene properties the optimization of device design.

Professor Zhu Hongwei's team of Tsinghua University published a paper entitled "cation – π interactions in graphene containing systems for water treatment In this paper the key roles of cation – π interaction in graphene system in water treatment (membrane separation adsorption) new material synthesis nano power generation energy storage solution / composite dispersion are systematically summarized. The mechanism of cation – π interaction is analyzed the progress of related theoretical work at present is reviewed The problems existing in the study of cation – π interaction in olefin system the potential research directions in the future are also discussed. In recent years

Professor Zhu Hongwei's team has carried out a lot of research work in the controllable preparation structural design of graphene other new two-dimensional materials as well as in the fields of energy (solar cells photoelectric detection photocatalysis) environment (water treatment air purification soil treatment) flexible sensing devices etc. made a series of important progress. In this review the cation – π interaction in graphene system is taken as the breakthrough point the related research reports are sorted out discussed the development trend prospect are also prospected. 

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