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Field Emission Effect of CuO

Field emission displays are now more dominant in the market than CRT displays because of their advanced properties, such as high brightness, good color rendition, short response time, and low power consumption. Among the various nanomaterials studied for field emission applications, 1D nanostructures of CuO emerged as excellent field emitters because of some advantages: common turn-on field, high current density, and low fabrication cost. Liu et al. Investigated the field emission properties of an individual CuO nanoneedle by in situ microscopy. The authors showed that individual nanoneedle possesses good field emission properties, such as a low turn-on field of 5.3 V/μm and a high maximum current of 1.08 μA at 9.7 V/μm. The field emission properties of the single CuO nanoneedle and CuO nanoneedle's film arrays are also compared, and the results showed that the screening effect played a vital role in the field emission properties. Hu et al.

They used a simple method of directly heating bulk copper plates in the air to obtain CuO nanowire films on a large scale. The length and density of nanowires could be controlled by growth temperature and time. The as-produced CuO nanowires have high density, good preferred orientation, and sharp tip, which is beneficial to field emission. Field emission measurements showed that CuO nanowires have a low turn-on field of 3.5–4.5 V/μm−1 and a large current density of 0.45 mA cm−2 under an applied field of about 7 Vμm−1. The authors also showed that CuO nanowires having a large length/radius ratio could effectively improve the local domain, which enhances field emission. Zhu et al. Prepared some different CuO nanostructures by solution method. By varying the oxidant concentration, the authors can modulate the morphology of the nano products from nanorods to nanotubes. The tip morphologies of CuO nanostructures were found to be crucial for the field electron emission, and the nanorods with needle-like tips showed superior emission properties with a turn-on field of 3.5 V/μm and a field enhancement factor of 2107, compared to other structures. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective copper oxide, or if you require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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