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Graphite’s remarkably diverse properties allow it to be used in many different ways

Graphite's remarkably diverse properties allow it to be used in many ways. By volume, most of the Graphite mined in the United States is used to line the interior of furnaces or to make crucibles for use in high-temperature foundries since Graphite can withstand extremely high temperatures without melting. It's high melting temperature and insoluble nature also mean that large amounts of Graphite are used as lubricants and in manufacturing brake linings, alkaline batteries and paints. Because of its unusual crystal structure, Graphite exhibits many metallic materials' properties, such as its ability to conduct electricity. Consequently, Graphite is also used to produce electrodes and generator brushes. Its crystal structure allows Graphite to be used in ways that initially appear to be contradictory to one another. Graphite is prized for both its strength and weakness. The covalent bonds within Graphite's sheets are powerful, and Graphite has a relatively low specific gravity. Graphite can produce expensive, high-strength, low-weight sporting equipment if it is adequately aligned.

On the other hand, the Van der Waals forces holding graphite sheets together are weak, allowing Graphite to be used as an excellent lubricant. These weaker bonds also allowed Graphite to initially be used as the 'lead' in lead pencils. Pencil 'lead' came to be known as the lead because early Europeans used to call graphite 'plumbago' or 'black lead'. Although clay minerals now form a significant part of the 'lead' in most modern pencils, the finest artist drawing pencils are still composed of relatively pure Graphite. Despite urban legends, you cannot get lead poisoning by being hurt by a 'lead' pencil, as it contains no lead! If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Graphite, or if you require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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