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Is molybdenum carbide a Mxene?

What’s molybdenum caride?

Molybdenum carbonide exhibits a high melting temperature and hardness. It is also very resistant to heat and corrosion. Molybdenum (silver-white refractory) metal has a melting point at 2615, and a density 102g/cm3. The Molybdenum expansion coefficient is very low and almost equals that of special glass for electronic tubes. Molybdenum will not oxidize quickly if its temperature is above 600. Molybdenum can be made by reacting with carbon, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide over 800. Molybdenum carbid Mo2C=203.88 contains 5.89% carbon. The dark-gray metallic powder has a dense hexagonal crystal with a melting point at 2690 and density 9.18g/cm3. The new material has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and a high melting points and hardness. With electronic structure and catalytic characteristics similar to those of precious metals, it can be widely used as a catalyst for reactions involving hydrogens, such as alkane isomerization, unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrogenation, hydrodesulfurization, and denitrification. It exhibits high hardness and is resistant to wear. It is an important component of molybdenum-molybdenum carbide hard coating and other cermet coatings and can also be used as a wear-resistant and scratch-resistant coating alone.

For what purpose is molybdenum caride used?

Molybdenum carbide is part of the transition-metal carbide group. It’s a type of intermediated compound that has metal properties. Metal carbide, an innovative functional material, has shown promise in many fields, including high-temperature and abrasion resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
Nickel, molybdenum (and chromium) can help reduce embrittlement in alloy steel heat treatments as an allies. In high-speed stainless steel, the United States is leading the way in replacing tungsten with molybdenum. According to research, molybdenum can twice the “capacity” of tungsten. Steel containing 18% of tungsten can easily be replaced with steel that contains 9% molybdenum. This allows for steel to have a lower production cost. In stainless steel, molybdenum plays a vital role in improving corrosion resistance, strength and weldability. As you can see, molybdenum is an important component of the iron- and steel industry.
Molybdenum, molybdenum alloys, have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and high strength. Plates, strips, foils or tubes made from conventional processing techniques are used for electric tubes (grid & anode), support material (supporting material), parts and metal processing tools (die casting, extrusion, forging, punching holes and so on).
Molybdenum is very low in vapor pressure at the vacuum furnace’s operating temperature and pressure. Molybdenum pieces are less likely to cause damage to workpieces, or other materials in the furnace. High molybdenum components such as heating elements or heat insulation packs will last for many years without any evaporation. Molybdenum’s high strength makes it an excellent electrode for glass treatment. Chemically, molybdenum works well with many glass components. It also has no harmful chromogenic side effects as a tiny amount dissolves in the bath. The service life of this heating electrode can exceed 3 to 5 years in a glass melting oven.

Chemical characteristics of molybdenum caride

Molybdenum carbide is a grey hexagonal crystal. This metal has high melting points and hardness. It is also resistant to heat and chemical corrosion. Its melting point is 2692. Water and alkali insoluble. It can be slightly soluble with nitric acid and sulfuric acid.

Prices for molybdenum caride

Many factors affect the molybdenum-carbide market price. The market price of molybdenum carbide is changing rapidly at the moment. You can contact us anytime if you require it.

supplier of molybdenum caride

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