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Morphology control of layer-structured gallium selenide nanowires

Layer-structured group III chalcogenides are highly anisotropic and attractive materials for stable photocathodes and battery electrodes. In this work, the vapor phase growth of high-quality monolayer GaSe nanosheets with multiple shapes and sizes is achieved by tuning the Ga/GaSe ratio in the precursor. A theoretical model based on density functional theory calculations and kinetic Wulff construction theory describes the observed shape evolution of the GaSe nanosheets. Results show that the Ga/Se ratio plays a critical role in the domain shape and size evolution. Moreover, the as-grown GaSe nanosheets show improved performance with a photoresponse time of less than 0.7 ms and responsibility up to 3,000 A/W. This study presents a previously unexplored strategy for controlling two-dimensional (2D) GaSe nanosheet growth for promising applications in next-generation optoelectronics. Most GaSe materials used to fabricate 2D GaSe devices through mechanical exfoliation were bought from commercial vendors, making it difficult to fully understand the properties of the materials. There have been many attempts to grow GaSe crystals, but the growth of high-quality bulk GaSe crystals is still a challenge. The great difference in saturation vapor pressure of the components Se and Ga can cause non-stoichiometry of a melt-grown crystal composition. Another obstacle is the dendrite growth caused by the instability of the growth front. The X-ray rocking curve and IR-transmittance results reveal that crystalline quality still needs to be improved. In addition, high-quality crystals are also required to reduce scattering and improve phase matching for nonlinear applications. In this work, we report our efforts to grow high-quality GaSe crystals by the Bridgman method. Several methods exhibited great crystalline quality. 2D GaSe devices were fabricated based on high-quality crystal. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective GaSe, or if you require the latest price of GaSe, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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