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Preparation method and process of calcium stearate aqueous dispersion

Due to its excellent lubricity, calcium stearate is widely used in paper-coating lubricants and PVC heat stabilizers. It can also be used as a smoothing and waterproof agent in paint production. With the rapid development of the plastic, coating, paper machine, and petrochemical industries, the demand for calcium stearate has increased year by year, and the market prospects are still promising. Calcium stearate has a water-insoluble property. When used as a lubricant, it is generally made into an aqueous dispersion solution to increase its dispersion uniformity and good fluidity. Currently, there are two methods for preparing calcium stearate aqueous dispersions. One is a one-step method, which involves the synthesis of calcium salts or calcium hydroxide, stearic acid, emulsifiers, and some other additives through a one-step reaction. The product obtained by this method has a small particle size, but ultimately, the response takes work to achieve. In addition, under long-term heating conditions, there are high requirements for dispersants, emulsifiers, and other additives. The other is a two-step method, in which calcium stearate powder is prepared first and then evenly dispersed into water under the action of additives such as surfactants, and finally ground. This method is simple and easy and is the most widely used method for the synthesis of calcium stearate on the market at present; However, due to the strong hydrophobicity of calcium stearate, there are disadvantages in the preparation of calcium stearates, such as large dosage of emulsifying dispersant and high relative cost. Therefore, to ensure that the indicators of calcium stearate aqueous dispersion meet the requirements for production and application, it is necessary to optimize the formula reasonably and reduce costs. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective calcium stearate, or if you require the latest price of calcium stearate, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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