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Research Status of Chinese Robot Bearing Common Technology in 2020

Most of the supporting bearings for industrial robots in China rely on imports. Although a few manufacturers produce supporting bearings for industrial robots, they have small batches, few varieties and specifications, low generalization of parts, long supply cycles, high costs, and unstable quality. These factors Seriously restricts the normal development of the domestic industrial robot industry.

Research Status of Chinese Robot Bearing Common Technology in 2020

Industrial robot bearings mainly include thin-walled bearings, crossed cylindrical roller bearings, harmonic reducer bearings and articulated bearings, but mainly cross roller bearings. Structural features of the crossed roller bearings in the welding robot joints: Cylindrical rollers are arranged perpendicularly to each other in the inner and outer circular raceways of the bearing, and a single bearing can simultaneously bear the combined load of radial force, two-way axial force and overturning moment. The bearing has large bearing capacity, good rigidity, high slewing accuracy, easy installation, space saving, weight reduction, significantly reduced friction, and provides good rotation accuracy. This makes it possible to reduce the weight and size of the main unit.

Although the development scale of China's bearing industry has been very large, most of the domestic industrial robot supporting bearings rely on imports. At present, although a few domestic manufacturers manufacture bearings for industrial robots, due to small batches, few varieties and specifications, low degree of generalization of parts, long supply cycles and high costs, the domestic market's sales account for a small proportion of total sales. To 10%. Since the 1980s, China has continuously invested hundreds of millions of yuan in funds, and spent decades to research and develop core robot components. From the perspective of product design, domestic industrial robot supporting bearings should meet the three major indicators of light weight, high accuracy and high reliability. From the perspective of industry development, domestic robot bearings need to diversify, scale and internationally develop products. While improving the quality of the bearings, we will improve the test specifications and standards, and soon complete the goal of localizing the bearings for industrial robots.

Bearing is one of the important key components of industrial robots, and its localization is related to the overall competitiveness of the domestic robot industry. In response to the development needs of the domestic robot industry, it is urgent to carry out research and development of industrial robot supporting bearings and research and development of key technologies for industrialization, to reduce production costs on the premise that all performance indicators of bearings have reached international advanced levels, and to prepare for further improvement of the industrial robot industry system Strive to cultivate 3 to 5 leading enterprises with international competitiveness and 8 to 10 supporting industrial clusters in 2020 to improve the market competitiveness of domestic robots and promote the development of the intelligent equipment industry.

Wuxi Spark Bearing Co., Ltd is active in the industrial robot special bearing market at home and abroad with its own research and development and production of industrial robot special supporting bearings or application engineering projects. In addition, some research institutes and universities are also conducting research and development on high-end industrial robot bearing manufacturing technology and application projects.

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