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Shell Suspends Construction of the Large Chemical Plant in Pennsylvania, Global Sales of Lubricant Additives Nano Copper Powder Will Drop

Shell Petroleum said on March 18 that to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the company temporarily suspended the construction of large petrochemical plants worth billions of dollars.
Shell did not disclose whether any employees or contractors at the site were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. "We have decided to suspend construction at Shell Beaver County, Pennsylvania, starting March 18," Shell said.
To prevent the spread of the disease, the company plans to take steps following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Shell said: "Once completed, and we will consider upgrading in stages to continue safe and responsible construction activities."

The petrochemical complex, located in western Pennsylvania, plans to supply ethylene and polyethylene from nearby low-cost Marcellus and Utica shale ethane, including an ethane cracking unit, with an average ethylene capacity of approximately 1.5 million tons per year; three The polyethylene plant has a total energy output of 1.6 million tons.
As of 17:30 on the 19th, Eastern Time, a total of 13,060 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 175 deaths have occurred in the United States.
This data comes from the U.S. state outbreak reports compiled by the university's New Crown Virus Research Program. The data showed that the number of confirmed cases of neo-pneumocoronary pneumonia in the United States increased by more than 2,300 within 5 hours, and the number of deaths increased by 21.
As the Shell project ceases production and the coronavirus epidemic continues, lubricant companies around the world may all face the same crisis. Sales of nano-copper powders as lubricant additives will also be affected.
Nano-copper powder is added to lubricating oil and grease according to the ratio of 0.1-0.6%. During the process of friction, the surface of the friction pair is formed into a self-lubricating and self-repairing film, which significantly improves the anti-friction performance of the friction pair. Nano copper powder is a potential high performance, environmentally friendly lubricant additive.
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