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Suggestion for the consumption of silica

Silica: FAO/WHO (2001) stipulates that the maximum use amount is 10mg/kg for milk powder, cocoa powder, sweetened cocoa powder, edible sodium fat, and cocoa butter; Cream fat is 1g/kg; 15g/kg of sucrose powder, glucose powder, soup powder, and soup block for application; The FDA in the United States has set a maximum limit of 2% for this product as an anticancer agent. GB 2760-2011 "National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives" stipulates that it is used for egg powder, milk powder, cocoa products, dehydrated protein products, sugar powder, vegetable fat powder, solid drinks, and maternal formula food, with a maximum usage of 15g/kg; The full use of spices and definite composite seasonings is 20g/kg; The maximum usage of soybean product processing is 0.025g/kg. In addition to the above, China also has tricalcium phosphate as an anti-caking agent, commonly used in milk powder and cream powder, with a maximum usage of 10.0g/kg; Wheat flour, total usage of 0.03g/kg; Compound seasoning, maximum usage 20.0g/kg; Solid beverage, maximum usage 8.0g/kg; Fried small food, with a maximum usage of 2.0g/kg. Silicon dioxide has essential applications in daily life, production, and scientific research, but sometimes it can also cause harm to the human body. Silicon dioxide dust is excellent, with a surface area of over 100m2/g that can be suspended in the air. If a person inhales dust containing silicon dioxide for a long time, they will suffer from silicosis (formerly known as silicosis and silicosis). Silicosis is an occupational disease, and its occurrence and severity depend on the content of dust in the air, silica in the dust, and the duration of contact with people. People who work in places with high levels of silica dust for a long time, such as mining, sandblasting, sandblasting, ceramic making, refractory material making, etc., are prone to this disease. Therefore, in these dusty workplaces, strict labor protection measures should be taken, and various technologies and equipment should be used to control the dust content in the workplace to ensure the physical health of workers. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective silicon dioxide, or if you require the latest price of silicon dioxide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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