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Tropical cyclone "Herold" is about to log in, Australia’s emergency shutdown of three major terminals, foam cement admixture transportation blocked

Tropical cyclone Herold is a severe storm that will soon affect northeast Madagascar. NASA recently released the latest satellite imagery. On Monday, NASA's Aqua satellite released images of Herold's storm eye, which rose from a tropical cyclone to a storm just a few days ago. This image was taken by the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) on the Aqua satellite. Although partially covered by high clouds, the storm eye can still be seen.

According to a report at 2 pm yesterday (March 16) Beijing time, Herod is located on the southwestern Indian Ocean about 420 kilometers southeast of ANTALAHA in the province of Antsiranana, Madagascar. The south latitude is 15.6 degrees, and the longitude is 54.1 degrees. The maximum wind near the center is 13 (38 m / s, which is equivalent to China's typhoon), and the minimum air pressure in the center is 965 hectares. It is expected that "Herod" will move southeast to the east at a speed of 10-15 kilometers per hour, and its intensity will gradually increase.

Australia's three largest coking coal export terminals, High Point, Port Abbott, and Dalrymple Bay coal terminals, temporarily closed in response to worsening weather conditions

Abbott Port is located in the northernmost part of Queensland, with an annual export capacity of 50 million tons. High Point and Abbott Coal Terminals both belong to High Point, with a throughput capacity of 118 million tons. The export coal mainly comes from the Bowen Basin in central Queensland

Later in the day, an Australian shipping agent said that due to the bad weather, the three significant terminals would not dock any ships before March 15, adding that there are currently 67 vessels waiting to dock at the three piers, of which Haibo The number of boats in the port is 26, the number of ships in the port is 28. The number of ships in the port is 13 in the past three years.

Short-term transportation disruptions are putting pressure on markets that are currently in short supply. Coupled with the impact of the recent epidemic, many epidemic prevention materials will also be blocked. This has resulted in a shortage of frontline supplies. At the same time, a series of foam cement additives such as foaming agents, foam stabilizers, superplasticizers in concrete, etc. that rely on imported foam cement can not reach their destination on time. Impedes average construction production.These admixtures have low procurement costs and high performance. Tongrun is a supplier of high-quality foam concrete admixtures. If necessary, you can send an email directly to sales@cie-china.org

Nature is a beautiful home for human beings. In recent years, natural disasters and abnormal aerial environments have been frequently visited, causing significant losses and inconvenience to social production and life. It is hoped that when humanity enjoys the gift of nature, it can protect the environment scientifically and reasonably.

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