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6 ways to cut the cost and pain of a Windows 10 migration

Simon Townsend, Chief Technologist, EMEA, AppSense | Dec. 10, 2015
User Environment Management (UEM) tech will streamline your adoption and solve your migration problem for good.

* Secure endpoints from malicious threats – One of the largest time and cost drains that can impact today’s enterprise IT is a security breach. Even with robust antivirus solutions, endpoint systems are at constant risk of zero-day threats that can wreak havoc in just a matter of hours. With UEM technology, endpoints are protected because the attack surface that threat actors can exploit is reduced. Using privilege management and application control technology, these solutions prevent unknown executables from penetrating the endpoint because they simply lack the privilege or authorization. This means endpoints are secure from any threat that isn’t authorized to be executed.

* Avoid roaming profile corruption – When Roaming Profiles are used to persist user preferences and settings from desktop to desktop you are opening the floodgates for the consumption of a significant amount of disk storage, logon delays and corruption. This increases support costs and impacts user productivity. Using an advanced UEM solution will eliminate the risk of corrupted roaming profiles so that your users are productive and your storage requirements remain slim.

* Minimize support requests for system rollbacks – With a UEM solution users are able to easily and automatically self-heal when malicious changes or unexpected system failures occur. Users can simply rollback the desktop or application settings to a preferred working state without the need to ever call the helpdesk. This saves hours of IT staff resources and improves overall user productivity.

* Enable future, even ongoing, migration – Inevitably Windows will announce new fixes and versions.  By untethering your user profiles from their environment you can accomplish migrations far more easily, and most importantly, enhance productivity through use of a consistent desktop that always feels familiar to the user.  As a result, you’ll never have to worry about the high cost and resource drain of a migration again. Every time a new OS is introduced you’ll be ready without impacting user uptime or draining your IT staff resources.

Don’t remain stuck in a constant state of migration. Consider Windows 10 your opportunity to eliminate the migration headache for good.

AppSense is the industry’s leading provider of User Environment Management solutions which deliver unprecedented user productivity while securing and simplifying workspace management at scale across physical, virtual and cloud-delivered desktops.


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