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Apple ordered to break iPhone security and a bigger picture

Anthony Caruana | Feb. 18, 2016
Apple has been directed by a federal court judge in the US to provide “reasonable technical assistance” to bypass the security features of an iPhone that is part of the evidence in the trial of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the terrorists alleged to have been involved in an attack in San Bernardino, California last December.

Some will argue that 'it's not a problem if you've got nothing to hide'. Well, laws can be changed and made retrospective - David Hicks found this out in 2007. That's not to make excuses for Hicks - I have no opinion one way or the other as to whether he broke the law - but laws can change and what you think is OK today may not be tomorrow.

Creating a backdoor into any operating system's security will, inevitably, lead to a loss of security and device integrity.

The US Government, as the Edward Snowden leaks made abundantly clear, is unable to perfectly secure its own systems.

No one can.

Source: Macworld AU 


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