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BLOG: 9 things Google+ needs for me to ditch Facebook

Eric Mack | July 8, 2011
Google+ has potential, but I need to see more if I'm going to abandon the biggest game in town.

Be clear on privacy: It would be easy for Google to lead here where Facebook has faltered. If they make it clear what's private and what's public and how to control it-which isn't yet clear on Google+, by the way-Google wins on privacy.
All the other little things: Google's done a fair amount of straight up copy and paste with Facebook concepts, but I'm going to want more. Don't forget birthday reminders, event invitations and all the other little goodies I've become accustomed to. Except for poking, you can leave that one where it is.

Don't Beta test for 7 years: Please. Enough said. And when Beta is finally done, Google, make sure it's for real. Don't change things every week like this other social network I know.

Help me port over my Facebook world: Finally, if Google really wants me to leave Facebook, they're going to need to help me pack up my things. Facebook allows the option of extracting all your user data, including friends, in one big data dump. I need to see a tool from Google that helps me parse and import that whole world into Google+ so I can truly feel at home and just "hangout."


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