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BLOG: APT: The security attack everyone loves to hate

Alan Shimel | Dec. 5, 2013
Beyond the hype, APT defense is required

As Michael Sutton states in the podcast, this means that a good APT defense can identify and stop an APT at just about any point in this lifecycle.  Whether it be stopping the download, defending against the malware or identifying and blocking the exfiltration, an APT defense can stop the attack dead. 

Of course, this probably sounds easier than it is, but having the Zscaler cloud behind you is a big help, according to Sutton. Michael also talked about behavioral analysis being a key to identifying and stopping APT attacks.

Zscaler is obviously not the only security vendor with an APT solution. FireEye and others have appliances and other types of solutions that are APT-specific. As always, security in depth and best practices help thwart all types of attacks. APT attacks are real and are a unique class, but as I said at the beginning, forewarned is forearmed. You can help your organization defend against APT.

Source: Network World


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