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BLOG: CFOs should think before they leap -- at HTML5

Jonny Evans | March 27, 2012
Adding to the dizzying future technologies shopping list may not be ever so high on a CFO's list. But it might be a good time to think about HTML5 and its future implementations within your enterprise.

"We've heard of 'consumerization of IT' but what we're really working with is the mobilization of the entire workforce, from sales to HR to C-level executives. I predict that organizations in 2012 will feel greater pressure to develop engaging mobile enterprise apps with the agility and adaptability to meet current demand and prepare for future advancements."

Don't be drawn in too deeply by the buzz surrounding the evolving web language, as Adrian Roselli states: "Look to the business case. Don't fall for the arguments against enterprise mobile web applications just because someone is afraid of a new paradigm, but instead make sure the resistance is based on sound business and technical considerations. Don't fall for the arguments in favor just because of a knee-jerk reaction against 'stodgy' enterprise models or a gee-whiz fanboy/girl mentality to all things mis-labeled as HTML5."

The take-away here for any finance chief pondering a move to HTML5 is to accept this as the trend for future industry development -- but to take a leaf out of the George Bernard Shaw playbook, and accept the "inevitability of gradualness." There's no need to be first to fully embrace the standard, but it's wise to begin moving in that direction today.


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