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BLOG: CIOs have to say yes to CEOs

Terry Smagh | Feb. 15, 2013
How the adoption of BYOD is being driven by the C-suite

One obvious aspect is rolling out security across all devices. Given the number of tablets, smartphones and even 'phablets' being launched on a monthly or even weekly basis, however, this soon proves tricky to implement.

Having browser-based tools that are agnostic and ubiquitous reduces the security headache for CIOs, while enabling the CEO to use her tablet for work-based tasks and activity. All information is stored in-memory, so is kept off the device when not connected, minimising the security risk. 

The benefits are numerous, whether driving productivity as employees are more inclined to use their personally tailored devices and preferred tools to increase output, lowering overall costs for companies as they don't have to invest in company-mandated devices, or even making the company more appealing to new recruits (especially in the millennial generation) who are looking for an open-minded company.

So, while the CEO may not have the wider benefits front of mind when she turns up to work and hands her new iPad to the CIO for set-up, she is, in fact, helping to transform the organisation's IT practice and policies. Otherwise, it will be one rule for senior management, and another rule for the rest of the company. And, in our converging, connected world where structures are fluid and constantly evolving, we need to ensure our organisations are equally as flexible to accommodate this change.

Terry Smagh is Vice President, QlikView SENA (SouthEast North Asia).


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