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BLOG: Digital immigrants and digital natives

Ross O. Storey | May 30, 2011
Why the 21st century generation gap is perhaps the widest in history.

This is a revolution in teaching and learning, of course, which, to my mind has surreptitiously crept in without much fanfare. Communications technology has revolutionised education along with every other industry.

The subject of our roundtable discussion was enterprise content management and we indeed discussed the pressure on today's enterprises to store, protect and have prompt access to, both structured and unstructured data (like video and audio).

The data deluge

In my opening spiel at the roundtable, I reminded delegates about the current growth in data and information, which is phenomenal. Some researchers say that, if all the world's data was stored in books, then there would be enough to cover a country the size of the US or China with three layers of volumes.

If the information was to be stored on CDs then the gargantuan stack could reach well beyond the moon.

Of course, I also told attendees that big business is caught today in something of a digital cleft stick.

While governments and regulatory bodies are tightening their compulsory compliance and information governance requirements, the volume and types of data required to be kept by enterprises - and retrieved on demand - is exploding.

A thousand-fold growth

Recent figures from research house Gartner forecast that enterprise data is expected to grow by a compound annual rate of 913 per cent between now and 2014 - just three years away.

This means organisations can expect to have to cope with managing up to 20 to 25 times more capacity by 2014. On top of that, unstructured data will make up 80 per cent of total capacity by 2014, which is expected to be "a big problem" for organisations.

Some might regard enterprise content management as rather a dry subject about documents, records, archiving and information retrieval, but our Open Text roundtable certainly provided me with plenty of ideas and views to keep me interested.

What do you think?

Ross O. Storey - -  is the managing editor of all FBM Asia publications and the Editor of CIO Asia and MIS Asia magazines.


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