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BLOG: iPhone 6 innovates cloud services

Jonny Evans | March 26, 2013
Apple's fast expansion of its US-based data centers in conjunction with its purchase of indoor mapping service firm, WifiSLAM together suggest plans for new breeds of connected service as it seeks to differentiate itself from consistently imitative competitors.

Setting the scene for M2M

Apple's newly acquired WifiSLAM technology lets mobile apps detect a phone user's location in a building using WiFi signals. It's being described as a service that supports "indoor mapping and new forms of retail and social networking apps."

To my mind the technology may also form a strong building block for Apple's potential future adventures in the provision of multiple connected household electrical devices.

The focus isn't just on software as the company continues to develop new hardware configurations. For example, weekend reports suggest the firm may introduce an iPhone equipped with the capacity to accept pen (rather than stylus) as it deploys new display technologies many times more sensitive than what's available today.

These many shreds of evidence suggests Apple intends a quantum leap in innovation within future iPhones, hinting that while it sees competing devices as threats, its response will be to hit them -- hard -- with new features that cannot easily be matched or imitated.

This matches the current consensus among Apple-focused analysts that the company needs to deliver major innovation in order to maintain its smartphone advantage.


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