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BLOG: Justin Beiber, The iPhone 5, Zombies, and Collusion in Silicon Valley

Mark Gibbs | May 27, 2011
A collection of big companies in Silicon Valley colluded, twice, to screw employees. Color me disgusted.

Alas, such justice doesn't apply to corporations such as Google, Apple, Pixar, et al. Nope, they're pretty much saying the same thing: "Yep, we did it but we're so big, you can't do much about it." And they're adding silently, "neener, neener, neener."

In fact, these companies were so unshaken by their "punishment" that they were caught out doing something along the same lines this year!

The charges in the new class action suit are similar to the previous suit and just as tacky.

And if and when the new suit is settled how much compensation will all of those employees shortchanged by the collusion get? My bet is none or damn close to none.

But how can we tell these icons of popular culture that we are disgusted by their behavior? We can't! Can you stop using Google Search? Google Maps? Adobe Photoshop? Intuit Quickbooks? Watching Pixar movies? Of course not!

Just like Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, the iPhone 5 and zombies, these companies and their products are here to stay and this bad behavior, this flouting of ethics, isn't going away. Indeed, it's always been there. Get used to it.

Gibbs is prepared for zombies in Ventura, Calif. Your apocalyptic plans to



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