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BLOG: Knowledge-driven market

N Raja Venkateswar | June 6, 2011
For today's consumer, the last tweet is often a more important determinant than the career resume.

To put this into context - for today's consumer (and not just the Gen Y or Z), the last tweet is often a more important determinant than the career resume! So by the time someone dreams up a strategy or framework to analyse and leverage the existing knowledge content, the time for it has already passed!!

The short answer on leveraging knowledge is - build agility as part of the business dynamics. Agility and adaptability have always been part of a CXO's agenda but they are probably more essential than ever before and the virtuous cycle of agility perhaps has to be exponentially rapid.

Perhaps it is time to revisit the one-to-five-year business plans; perhaps it is time to jettison large and complex programmes that promise much in 18 months time (or more); perhaps it is time to re-think on what actually constitutes strategy; perhaps it is actually time for us to evaluate our knowledge content, its relevance and frameworks; perhaps it is time for us to revisit long held notions of importance given to revenue sustainability, marketing dynamics; and I think most certainly, it is time to rethink what actually constitutes our target markets (& marketing strategies thereof) and our competition.

Which is all good reasons why I thought a break to study at two world-class institutions was a good idea! We shall go back to discussing outsourcing operations in my next article.

Raja Venkateswar is an engineer from one of India's leading engineering institutions (IT-BHU) and has spent the bulk of his 19-year career working in, consulting for and developing IT/BPO/KPO solutions for the financial services industry. He is now based in Australia and works with Xchanging ( a global business processor of choice to several blue-chip firms globally. He can be reached on or



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