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BLOG: Protecting against fraud

Dan McConaghy | June 17, 2011
Nine tips to protect yourself against fraud when you're travelling overseas.

7.      Avoid using the ATM if suspicious individuals are close, and always cover your hand as you enter PIN. And be cautious of strangers offering help - for example, if your card gets stuck and someone approaches to help, it may be a scam. A criminal may be trying to watch as you enter your PIN code.

8.      If your card gets stuck in a foreign ATM machine, call your bank right away to report the incident. On this note, ensure that you keep your bank's customer service phone number on-hand and in a separate compartment (e.g. your notepad) so that if your wallet is stolen, you can still contact your bank. And remember not to store your banking information (e.g. username, password or PIN number) on your phone, as your phone is the first place that fraudsters will look to for these information.

9.      Don't assume you're travelling to a "safe country". USA and Australia, for example, have high rates of card usage (close to US$200 million for Australia alone) and therefore sophisticated fraudsters, while countries closer to home like Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are the local hotbeds for fraudsters. 

Dan McConaghy is president and general manager, FICO Asia Pacific.



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