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BLOG: Service the service company

Jay Robinson and Lee Gallagher | June 30, 2011
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Enhancing marketing activities

According to a recent CMO (chief marketing officer) Council study, many others are looking for similar ways to enhance their marketing activities and increase their use of analytics to speak more directly to each household or business. 

The study uncovered some interesting and crucial points, including:

  • Of the 77 percent of marketers who conducted some form of sustainability or carbon emission reduction messaging campaign, 29 percent failed to use any segmentation strategy (which would deliver a more targeted and relevant piece of information to each customer) and 28 percent failed to measure the effectiveness of the campaign - a key step when proving the value and ROI of a marketing push.
  • By contrast, among the marketers who took a more targeted segmentation approach, leveraging individual household usage and behaviours, 73 percent rated their campaign a success. The proof is right here.
  • Interestingly, those marketers who failed to segment or target communications almost unanimously agreed that their campaigns were not a success.
  • Only 30 percent of consumers recall receiving general information about "going green", which could suggest that either the message is not relevant, or there was no message at all.

What this report demonstrates is that utilities marketers have an audience ready, willing and eager for engagement, so long as the communication is relevant and speaks to the individual customer's service and solutions. It shows that customers want engagement, and that they will repay utility companies with advocacy and positive word of mouth. 

The writers work at InfoPrint Solutions.


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