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BLOG: Smartphones, big data, storage and you

Chris Poelker | June 13, 2013
Mobile technology is having a huge impact on our lives and our society - along with changing the way we think about data and use the massive amounts of information generated by that technology.

The good news is that data we create via smartphones can be put to good use. As Talbot mentions in his article, smartphone usage patterns helped researchers in Africa determine where malaria outbreaks were occurring and where the affected people went. In this manner, researchers could determine where to best distribute medicines more efficiently. This is a great example of how big data analysis can be put to good use and have a positive impact on humanity. Soon, as mobile devices are used more frequently to purchase goods and services, the information generated will be mined to determine where you go to shop, what your interests are and even what brand of coffee you like, so advertisers and others can pinpoint your wants and desires. Now that's what I call intelligent storage networking - making use of big data storage to mine that information.

I love my smartphone. It helps me with everything I do by enabling instant access to all my work and information, which is stored in various clouds. Our use of personal information devices will continue to increase, and hopefully we'll find even better ways to put all that mobile data generation to good use.


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