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BLOG: The effects of consumerisation on the CIO

Craig Dower | Jan. 20, 2012
Steps that companies and CIOs should take to unlock the benefits of the consumerisation of IT.

Further, the majority of enterprise applications are not optimised for mobile devices and employees currently have to use workarounds to be able to access them. IT can take the lessons learnt from the consumer app store model and apply them to meet the specific needs of the business environment. An enterprise app store should not only provide employees with a central portal to request an application across any number of devices - from laptops and desktops to tablets and smartphones - but should also have clearly defined approval processes and workflows.

3.       Manage the Change: Just like any technology trend, the consumerisation of IT requires a combination of people, processes and tools to ensure these new technologies are used safely and securely in a business environment.

Part of this process requires creating intelligent policies that clearly outline how employees can use their personal technologies in the enterprise. For most organisations, this will require a significant cultural shift. IT leaders will have to relinquish some control and employees will have to recognise that they are accountable for the way they utilise their personal technologies for work. Additionally, employees may need to be open to some level of monitoring and management of personal devices and technologies. These policies and practices should be reinforced by frequent communications between IT and employees.

Further, with the ever-changing portfolio of devices, implementing security technology for specific devices, platforms or operating systems will likely be fragmented, incomplete and short-lived.  Enterprise device management capabilities and application distribution technologies should extend across all platforms and handle a diverse set of end-points. 

The accelerating consumerisation of IT trend offers incredible opportunities to create strategic advantage for enterprises. To take advantage of this trend, IT and business leaders must examine how consumer technologies are impacting their company today and then, build a roadmap that enables the organisation to capitalise on the benefits these technologies can bring to the workplace.

Craig Dower is president of Avanade Asia Pacific.


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