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BLOG: Windows 8 is launching? Time to go buy a Windows 7 PC

Bill Snyder | Oct. 25, 2012
Windows 8 PCs will flood the market early next week, but you'll save money and avoid a lot of aggravation by buying a Windows 7 PC now.

Generally, a new Windows operating systems comes out at around the same time Intel releases new generations of processors. That’s not the case right now. Intel’s new CPUs are already out, with nothing major on the horizon till Hasell launches some time next year. And even then, it’s not clear at this point, how much of a performance advantage the new generation of microprocessor will offer.

Suppose you follow my advice, buy a Windows 7 PC and then say, "Damn you, Bill Snyder, I should have gone with Windows 8." No problem. Windows 7 PCs come with a cheap upgrade license that will let you install Windows 8 for $15. The upgrade program will run until Jan. 31, 2013. So if you like your new Windows 7 PC but you're intrigued by Windows 8, you have until the end of January to get a deal.

Let's recap. Buying a Windows 8 PC means coping with an awkward, unfamiliar operating system whose most innovative features won’t work with most of the software you use every day. And from a hardware perspective, most of the Windows 8 PCs you'll be able to buy are expensive and no more capable than Windows 7 PCs. And they'll cost more, since Windows 7 machines are selling at a discount as dealers draw down inventory.

Here's what I’m doing: Waiting for Windows 9. Just like the capable, and much loved Windows XP was followed by the kludgy unlovable Windows Vista, which in turn was followed by the solid Windows 7, Windows 8 will likely be followed by something better. I’m no Microsoft hater, and I have confidence that the company will learn from its mistakes and do better in the future as the world moves away from PCs toward mobile devices.

But for now, just say no to Windows 8.


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