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Controlling the Complexity of Today’s IT Networks

Alessandro Porro, Senior Vice President, International Sales (APAC/LATAM), Ipswitch | June 23, 2016
With the ever-growing IT environment infrastructure, security breaches and the rising cost of downtime, IT leaders are increasingly under pressure to ensure the IT backend runs efficiently and seamlessly.

IT teams often use multiple tools to monitor their network. As a result, they spend too much time switching from one tool to another trying to get an accurate and comprehensive view of the application and infrastructure performance. This time end effort could be used elsewhere if they had a solution that would make it easier to have a holistic view of their performance. Even across multiple devices, applications and networks a centrally monitored, end to end solution will allow IT teams to understand how their infrastructure is performing and monitor the entire IT infrastructure in a holistic manner

  • Find the best solution that is ideal for the organisation

No two IT infrastructures are the same so it's hard to imagine a monitoring solution to work on a 'one-size fits all' principle. IT leaders need to find a management software that offers flexibility with minimal restrictions at no additional cost. In order to be able to pick a solution that addresses specific complexity of the organisation's infrastructure, IT teams should opt to try the software for free in their specific environment. This will ensure that it meets the needs and addresses the complexity the organisation specifically cares about.

New technologies are continuing to proliferate throughout the enterprise creating an environment of IT complexity that is making it increasingly difficult for IT teams to do their jobs successfully. Ipswitch research clearly shows the IT teams' growing concern about losing control of their company's IT environment in the face of the new technologies, devices, threats and requirements. This is no longer just an IT issue but a business one too as failure to respond to the dynamic environment can handicap companies and prevent them from competing effectively in the market. It is imperative for IT leaders to assess unique challenges their teams are facing and consider the use of solution that enables them to monitor and control their entire IT environment with one cost-effective product that will also give them the flexibility to adapt their monitoring approach to changing and growing business priorities.  


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