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Damned Lightning Adapter for iPhone 5 unlikely to darken Apple's angelic brand

Matt Hamblen | Sept. 17, 2012
What's also fascinating to me is the way Apple seems to be breaking its earlier reputation for its incredibly polished marketing of its reputation, brand and products.

If Apple sells 40 million iPhone 5s in the coming months, and one Adapter for each of those at $29 apiece, they will have generated more than $1 billion in revenue for adapters alone!

That's good for retailers and Apple indeed, but it's blasphemous that Apple wouldn't create a micro USB port instead of a Lightning port for the iPhone 5.  The European Union requires the micro USB, and Apple makes an adapter for countries in Europe to accommodate its 30-pin port to the micro USB, which is used by many other smartphone makers. 

If Apple is a religion, then the new Adapter it has introduced puts Apple and Tim Cook in the category of a televangelist preacher. He's urging viewers to send in $29 to receive special prayers--or at least a prayer of connecting to a legacy 30-pin accessory.

Is this Adapter evil? No.  Is it angelic?  Well, not exactly.


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