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Focus on ransomware, SDLC, and endpoints

Fahmida Y. Rashid | July 4, 2016
The noted web security guru worries that the key web and application threats aren't getting the right level of focus

While ransomware itself might not account for a big portion of the overall malware scourge, it is a serious problem, and creative minds need to start thinking of new methods and techniques to detect and foil these infections. "While we're still going to have the big malware problem overall, we're going to have another one in the form of ransomware," Grossman predicted.

Worse, it's not as if the general malware problem has been solved: Despite nearly $8 billion to $12 billion spent annually fighting malware, malware is rampant, he said.

Still, the latest anti-ransomware efforts, such as what Grossman will work on as part of his new role at Sentinel One, are an opportunity for information security professionals to get ahead of a problem before it becomes entrenched. There's no need to wait for ransomware to get bigger as a problem before coming up with new solutions. "We always seem to be ambulance chasers. But ransomware, we can see it coming. It's right there," Grossman said.

Grossman believes ransomware will be a billion-dollar market by 2018, and at that point it will be too late to do something about it. "We can fight an uphill battle, but for those who want to get ahead of it, we can do it now," Grossman said.

The web is too valuable not to actively protect

Many in the security industry, whether they came into the field by design or by accident, view the work as a calling. The web is the "greatest invention we'll see in our lifetime," Grossman said, who called it his mission to protect it and the billions of people using it every day.

Whether that's endpoint security or fixing vulnerabilities in web applications, the end result is the same. "I want to be able to protect people, protect websites, protect the web. It's that important. We're all using it today," he said.

Source: InfoWorld


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