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Forum: Corporate blogging in Pakistan

Rabia Garib | Sept. 3, 2008
Considering Pakistan's blogosphere has experienced a great deal of growth, what do some of the bloggers have to say about the trends revolving around corporate blogging?

Awab continues, "I believe the internet penetration has surely gone up since the 3-year old report which quoted the 7% - so technically as the internet penetration increases, there will be more opportunities for bloggers to make headway into corporate culture. The headway into corporate culture is about to begin and I think within the next year we should see more marketers engaging bloggers like us to push their goods. But all depends on the internet penetration in Pakistan which is directly related to education in Pakistan - I don't see the education problem disappearing anytime soon, so at best, I'd predict that we might have a maximum increase of 20-25% penetration over the next 5-10 years. That's still a huge market and predominately located in urban areas of Pakistan."

Faisal continues, "Like any niche market to take off Blogging needs corporate attention and this shift is starting to happen. Major newspapers have their own blogs and many television channels will follow suit. Major media companies and newspapers get traffic in the range of 40,000 hits a day which is still paltry when compared to the rest of the world but big for Pakistan. That kind of attention and exposure can really help things going."

Most executives that are in the position of making the decision to GoToBlog, aren't exposed to the power and reach of what blogging offers to a brand or company. These are the main stream executives (read decision-makers!) still haven't heard about next generation marketing. Awab explains, "Fresh MBA grads have experienced the virtual media as users hence they have a little more knowledge on what a blog is, but their level of experience is still a far cry away from implementing a corporate agenda."

According to Faisal, it's going to take a lot more time for Blogging to really take off in Pakistan. "Take Bollywood Actor/Director Aamir Khan's blog as an example. He gets 4000 comments for every post he makes, but then, he drives the traffic to the site because he has the content and the following. It won't be long before some rock band manager comes up with an online blog for a famous band like Strings which could generate a whole lot of attention. In other words, Pakistan's Blogosphere needs the spotlight on it."

As a CIO looking for avenues to reach out to your company's audience more effectively and proactively, the message repeated throughout the forum discussion is this: you have to know your technology and understand the platform. That's all there is to it. The trend of corporate blogging won't increase or catch on if you don't allow it to grow.


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