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GUEST BLOG: The driving force behind future business success

Suhas Kelkar | Sept. 18, 2012
The new-generation CIOs are expected to become the symbiotic bridge between IT and business; and they must ready themselves to become a driving force to take their businesses forward.

Suhas Kelkar, BMC Software
Suhas Kelkar, Chief Technology Officer (Asia Pacific), BMC Software

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In today's business environment, where change has become the only constant, smart businesses are rapidly moving towards re-innovating and re-inventing themselves, in an attempt to stay ahead of their fiercest competitors. Businesses that are too slow to adapt are finding themselves edging nearer to the extinction. One of the key drivers of this change is technology.

Technology is changing the way businesses are conducted today. What used to be impossible a few years ago is now possible with the aid of technology. New disruptive ways are challenging the traditional business models across the region. As a result, expectations have changed dramatically. Today, users have access to better technology in their homes than at their workplace, and expect the same level of access and self-service from their IT department at work.

In addition, businesses are also faced with increased pressure to do more with less. Successful businesses are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology to better serve their current customers and generate new revenue streams.

The Role of the Next-Generation CIO
The most influential role in helping businesses navigate through these turbulent times is the role of CIO. No longer are CIOs expected to only keep the IT side of things up and running, they are also required to take on a more business-oriented role and contribute to corporate strategic planning for the company as a whole.

In my previous articles (The Innovative Role of the Asia Pacific CIO and Next-gen CIOs are empowered to innovate), I touched on the transition CIOs have to make, from Chief Information Officer to Chief Innovation Officer or risk becoming obsolete in the corporate hierarchy. A decade ago, the need to innovate was primarily motivated by the desire to get a leg up over competitors in the market. Today, because of new emerging technologies in the market, it has become a matter of survival. Rigidity is now a red herring for companies everywhere.

It is of little surprise, therefore, that in a recent global survey conducted by Forrester Consulting, on behalf of BMC Software, it was found that 72 percent of CIOs believe their organisations see cloud computing as a means to circumvent IT departments. These CIOs worry that cloud and other emerging technologies will undermine their relevancy to business leaders and become an obstacle to partnership-building.


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