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How APIs enable e-government

Yves de Montcheuil | July 4, 2016
Paying parking tickets on the web is convenient, but API-fication is the real trigger of an e-government platform

An example Verdier provided that I found very interesting is the following. In certain cities, you can apply for a parking permit that gives you a discount on meter rates. Usually, to get this permit you need to prove you pay taxes in the city, and the (old) way to do this was to provide a copy of your tax filings -- with a bunch of confidential information such as your salary, family situation, etc. With France Connect and the "API Particulier" from the portal, your city hall clerk can confirm you are indeed paying taxes. Even better, the city's online parking permit application site can do it.

Estonian e-Residency

Launched in 2015, Estonia's e-Residency program was then highlighted as the first-of-its-kind government platform, built entirely online, Complete with digital signatures and authentication, the program enables e-residents to digitally sign documents and contracts, encrypt and transmit documents securely, establish an Estonian company online, declare taxes online, etc. A year later, with 10,000 e-residents, the program remains an interesting option to establish a business in the European Union.

Source: Infoworld 


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