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Not for everyone: You don't have to like the Apple Watch

The Macalope | June 26, 2015
Want to hear something really scary? ZDNet's Ken Hess says the calls to buy an Apple Watch are coming from inside the house!

Also, is that our standard now? "Shakespeare didn't need clean drinking water and a plague-free environment to write Romeo and Juliet!"

My wife wants an Apple Watch, or rather, requires one under the guise of, "Honey, you can write about it, if I get one." Oh yeah, let me get right on that.

Uh, you know you're literally doing that right now and she doesn't even have it yet, right? She's that good. She deserves a nice watch.

I haven't seen an Apple Watch in real life yet.

Then your hatred of it is certainly well-placed.

I'm pretty sure everything that can be said about the Apple Watch has already been said.

Well, to date the Macalope hadn't heard "My wife wants one and it makes me so mad!" yet, so maybe not.

We don't all have to like the same things. The Macalope's pal, Dan Moren, likes his Amazon Echo while the thought of having our shopping overlords listening to the Macalope's every word gives him both the heebies and the jeebies. As well as some kind of rash he can't even identify. It doesn't bother the Macalope when someone buys an Android phone or a Windows PC. Heck, he'll even recommend them depending on the user's need and budget.

To the Macalope, the Apple Watch is not nearly as transformative as the iPhone was, but he still find it useful and even fun. Not having a use for something yourself doesn't mean it's not useful to someone else. Even someone close to you.


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