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Sponsored Blog: ITaaS, next-gen data centre management

Huawei | July 9, 2014
To address business needs, an IT system has to provide support for the rapid business development agilely. But the data centre architecture is too complex to be managed by traditional data centre management system. The next generation data centre management needs to be converged and innovative. Huawei ManageOne allows enterprises to expand their IT service lineups to encompass cloud offerings, and realizes unified management of dispersed and layered data centres, helping customer improve resource utilization, enhance management efficiency and protect investment, thus creating differentiation from other IT suppliers, and improving their chances for new revenue streams to boot.

ManageOne is an intelligent, efficient, and unified data centre management solution that enables the highest assurances of service quality, so operators can provide differentiated cloud-based services and improve revenue opportunities to boot. With ManageOne, data centres move one step farther from being cost centres, and one step closer to being value centres; it is the next generation of data centre management.

Huawei ManageOne data centre management solution has been widely used in the world. Such as Phoenix TV, a leading broadcaster with operations around the world, deployed ManageOne data centre management solution for unified management and operation of global data centres. MangeOne ensures the quality of operations and efficiency of data centre management through the ITIL service process of each data centre operation and service process management, helps Phoenix TV transform to be converged and effective IT operation. TextEnd


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