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SPONSORED BLOG: The New 'You-tility' in Computing

Juliette Macquarie | April 18, 2011
In the manufacturing and distribution (M&D) space, some businesses now enjoy sustainability, availability and profitability from preconfigured solutions. Lawson Software has the goods.

Manufacturing in 2011 is globalized and competitive. With the proliferation of worldwide manufacturing, the pressure on margins has increased dramatically. To remain competitive, manufacturers are becoming lean and responsive.

Manufacturing and distribution (M&D) is a sector that Lawson Software understands and supports closely. By customizing a wide range of cutting-edge solutions, the software and consulting giant has helped its customers become leaner and more agile.

Lawson Software also implements solutions designed around availability and sustainability, to increase profitability throughout the manufacturing life cycle. By embracing the utility and uniqueness of new enterprise software, your business will have the competitive advantage.

Awake to the '-ilities'

Lawson Software's global study of 150 manufacturing and distribution companies, titled Surviving the downturn and staying competitive in the "new economy", reveals that most executives in manufacturing (85%) were forced to, in the last downturn, drive higher efficiencies at short notice. Distribution and supply chain management were big concerns.

The lessons from the crisis should be permanently learned. Lean manufacturing is an asset at all times, and a good software environment enables that. Lean manufacturing focuses on adding value to customers, eliminating waste, reducing lead times, increasing agility, and continuous improvement. Lawson M3 Enterprise Application System in turn enables these activities.

Take agility. With demanding customers and greater competition, your business must move faster from initial forecasting and material/capacity planning through to production planning and warehouse management. Quickstep Manufacturing from Lawson Software, for example, is an optimized solution for mid-sized manufacturers to quickly implement new software.

Once made, distribution becomes critical. Greater visibility from Lawson M3 Supply Chain Management lets you connect to every link in the supply chain. It helps you manage distribution more effectively. Availability of your product, whether on the shelf or when requested, then becomes not a problem, but a driver of profitability.

To be profitable is also having the ability to manage volatility in raw material prices and economic turbulence more effectively. Efficiencies in fact need to go beyond the production floor to include all of your internal operations and external supply chain network. That's where Lawson manufacturing and distribution solutions can help with web-enabled technologies and easy-to-use tools.

No Power Without Control

Business intelligence unleashes the strategic side of your planning and builds in more business agility. Lawson M3 Analytics for Manufacturing is fast and easy to use. Knowledge of the critical areas of your business that need improvement, and measures that monitor your organizational performance, can now be available without costly experts.

Lawson Business Intelligence in fact enables the collection and analysis of data from all systems and provides a single view of all operations.

The Best Time


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