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The Macalope Daily: Downtown dullsville

The Macalope | Sept. 14, 2012
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I expect the iPhone 5 to be a massive hit as well.

BOOM. Seriously, the Macalope could write one of these columns in his sleep. Actually, he sometimes does. Its horrible.

Apple may have set the bar too high over the last few years.

Or, or, maybe youre wrong in thinking that the company at any point in its history churned out ground-breaking products year after year.

Perhaps Ill be proved wrong.

In a race between you and Apple being proved wrong, its not a surprise the Macalopes going to go ahead and say, yeah, itll probably be you.

But right now it looks like Apple's vaunted pipeline of magical products is drying up.

Sure. They only unveil products that people love and buy in droves. Wheres the magic in that?

Cheng must have spent some time at the CNet water cooler with Larry Dignan.

iPhone 5: No Steve Jobs, no sizzle

Would Jobs have combined an iPhone 5, iPod, and iTunes revamp, which happens to resemble Microsofts Zune service, in one shindig?

Probably not.

Its obviously categorically false that Jobs never delivered a keynote featuring a lot of updates but can we just stop asking What would Steve Jobs have done? Pundits are insistent about two things:

  • Tim Cook must set his own course with Apple; and
  • Tim Cook must do exactly what Steve Jobs did.

Dignan, like Cheng, wants to have his boring iPhone 5 cake and eat it, too.

And oh by the way Apple will sell a zillion iPhone 5 devices around the world.

But its boring.

Either people love boring phones or there are a more Apple fanboys every day.



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