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The Macalope Weekly: Fun-sized

The Macalope | Oct. 29, 2012
Just like Halloween treats, the iPad mini will soon be here! But you can experience the sugar crash now, as pundits and analysts are lining up to tell us how lame it is. Then the Macalope will close by asking: Have you ever given an interview so bad you wanted to chew your own arm off afterwards?

Jeez, Apple, its been two years since you remade an entire market! What the heck are you doing over there anyway?! The Macalopes not sure where this idea that Apple under Steve Jobs spewed out a market-changing hit every quarter came from, but it is a fiction.

Even Apples retail operationone of its most unheralded strengthswas an unthinkable undertaking before Apple thought it. And it still doesnt have any imitators.

Well, no good ones.

Being so good for so long inevitably brings success, and success brings size, and size brings slowness.

So, whats your excuse?

How mind-bendingly out of touch with reality must a site get before its declared fiction? If Apple goes another few years without remaking another product category, then we can talk. Until then, just find something else to write about.



Weve heard from some tech pundits, but now for the real question: What did the Wall Street analysts have to say about the iPad mini?

The stock market response to Tuesdays announcements was Totes not impressed (or just Totes taking some revenue), but the analysts by and large seem to have their heads screwed on right for once.

Sterne Agees Shaw Wu:

We continue to believe iPad mini is the competitions worst nightmare and likely to drive incremental volume.

Wow! Strong words, Shaw. What say you, Bairds William Power?

The starting price of $329 is slightly above our $299 expectations, though appears to be supported by the strong features and capabilities relative to 7 inch Android devices in the market.

Well put. Sure, wed like it lower, but the best selling tablet on the market just got cheaper. Thats gravy everyone can enjoy. Lets go to Topekas Brian White:

The iPad mini was the star of todays show and we believe the product will be an absolute homerun for Apple with the 7.9 inch display, 23% thinner than the iPad fourth generation and 53% lighter.

Home. Run. A dinger. Out of the park. Touch em all, Apple.

Well, this is all pretty positive. Lets keep going. Hey, how about you, Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities?

Key take aways: Innovation at Apple is over&

[record scratch]

Buh-whaa? Come again, Trip?

Just incremental improvements, nothing ground breaking. The best is over for Apple. iPad mini is playing catch up to Google Android, probably will have a mediocre customer adoption.

Uh, hey, Trip, remind the Macalope how much tablet market share Google Android has. Admittedly, its hard to tell because Googles so proud of how well the Nexus 7 is selling that the company wont tell us how many its sold. Same thing with Amazon, which doesnt report sales of the Kindle Fire. While the horny one is sure the Kindle Fire line is selling better than the Nexus 7, its also not Google Android. The most favorable estimates of tablet market share for Google Android have it at half the iPads share.


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