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The Macalope Weekly: Fun-sized

The Macalope | Oct. 29, 2012
Just like Halloween treats, the iPad mini will soon be here! But you can experience the sugar crash now, as pundits and analysts are lining up to tell us how lame it is. Then the Macalope will close by asking: Have you ever given an interview so bad you wanted to chew your own arm off afterwards?

And mediocre customer adoption, huh? Then the 700 percent increase in iPad resales after the event must be from people fed up with Apple and switching to those innovative Google Android tablets, huh?

The Macalope supposes that getting your butt kicked in the 10-inch space, then reducing the size to 7 inches and the profit margin to non-existent is a kind of innovation, but its not exactly something to be bragging about.

Saturday Special: Coyote ugly interview

Apple iPad Mini May Cause Problems For Education, McGraw Hill Exec Says (tip o the antlers to Chris Ebel and Anne).

The almost instantaneous obsolescence of the new iPad was a bit of a surprise, said Vineet Madan, senior vice president at McGraw Hill Education, in a phone interview with TPM.

Ugh, so right! This third-generation iPad the Macalope bought half a year ago is completely useless now! Just look at it sitting here with its somewhat slower processor and connector for which the Macalope still has a mess of spare cables!

The Macalope hates it sooo much.

If I were a teacher who had spent the last pennies of his or her budget buying new iPads for students a few months ago, I dont know if Id be too happy waking up and finding out that theres a new iPad with a completely different connector cable now.

Wait, are these mythical school teachers mad about their old useless iPads or the fact that the new ones arent exactly the same as the old useless ones? This is getting confusing.

If youre operating in a classroom that has iPads, now if you want to upgrade or replace a device, youre going to have to maintain multiple chargers, Madan noted.

Which is apparently impossible, and its not like every other device used at schools dont all have the same connector, COME ON, APPLE.

On the one hand, you look at $329 and you think thats better for schools and college students who werent able to afford the previous versions, Madan said. But its only $70 cheaper than the full size version. I dont know why you wouldnt just pay the extra $70 to get the full size version, which is going to provide a better, richer experience.

Uh, because&

Madan also acknowledged that at 0.68 pounds, the iPad Mini is easier for students to haul around in their bookbags and that the smaller screen size (7.9 inches versus 9.50 inches) would be easier for smaller fingers to tap.

Yeah, that would be another way of looking at it.

Is it just the Macalope or does Madan seem to be not entirely clear on his own point?


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