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The Macalope Weekly: The sincerest form of jerkery

The Macalope | Sept. 3, 2012
The Apple v. Samsung verdict came in too late for the Macalope to talk about it last week, but that just means we have a whole week’s worth of crazy coverage to discuss

Apple, of course, was not granted patents specifically on the trivialities that Blodget complains about (with the possible exception of the iPad design patent, which was the one that Samsung was found to have not infringed). All of the design and trade dress patents were more broadly on how things look and are done on the iPhone.

Again, consider Windows Phone. None of these design patents could be used against it because, shocker, Windows Phone is unique. Apparently expecting companies to come up with unique designs is "lame."

Apple suing competitors for copying minor features is not about "fairness" or "justice" or "innovation" or even money ($1 billion is chump change).

It's just lame.

It's just about lameness. Got it.

The Macalope's not naive enough to think that Apple's targeting of Samsung has nothing to do with it being the other big fish in the water. But, really, the level of copying here was laughably egregious. And they're still at it! It is almost not hyperbole to say that if Apple had not taken action, Samsung would soon have shipped a device with Jony Ive's smoldering glare.



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