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The Race for IT Talent

Gery Messer, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, CenturyLink | July 5, 2016
The IT department is crucial to the smooth operation of most organisations. That said, companies must be focused on hiring top talent to manage technology on an ongoing basis.

3.     Create a learning culture with approachable role models

Progressive organisations understand that the only sustainable business model is to ensure that they have the right talent, at the right place, at the right time. A good organisation also delivers what was promised to talents during the hiring process.

By providing career growth opportunities paths and role models, it gives the talents confirmation and assurance that the company is looking after their personal growth.

4.     Instilling the "speed of trust" to bridge the talent gap

The "speed of trust" essentially allows each employee to be a part of a trusted environment, which paves the way for making faster and more informed decisions. By investing in resources to develop the talent pool - such as building a robust system to track progress, providing timely employee reviews, and offering performance recognition - a company will be better positioned to strengthen its workforce. This in turn will keep employees motivated and inspired to work.

To continue retaining talents, businesses must work on satisfying their demands, while supporting their ambitions and professional development. Fostering a culture of transparency and trust could benefit the company in the long run as you nurture talents into the company's own brand ambassadors.

As Singapore embarks on its Smart Nation push, the talent crunch will certainly be felt. In fact, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) recently launched the Smart Nation Fellowship Programme to foster a network of tech talents for Singapore. The opportunity is there for organisations to change the tone of the conversation regarding IT talents. If anything, it is the perfect time to re-evaluate the talent agenda.


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