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Three tech trends set to shake up 2015

Rangu Salgame, Chief Executive Officer, Growth Ventures & Service Provider Group, Tata Communications | Jan. 16, 2015
Cybersecurity gets its due, big business learns how to intersect IoT and cloud, and mobile digital identities transform healthcare.

As more big name consumer companies make the connected home and car relatable to the mass population, adoption will accelerate, more useful data will be captured and analyzed, and an increasingly customized experience will be delivered. I predict that in 2015 we will see platforms based on standards develop providing all players, established and new, a method of building on top of existing work instead of having to reinventing the wheel with every innovation.

3. Our mobile digital identity redefines healthcare
The proliferation of connected devices and the cloud will also enable a new use case for your digital identity, specifically in healthcare.

While in 2014 we saw the explosion of wellness wearables tracking steps taken and miles run, the critical benefit will be the management of chronic illness. We are starting to see wearables for chronic pain relief such as Quell, the Blue-tooth equipped cuff that uses neuro-stimulation technology to mitigate pain, emerge.

A recent piece in Wired identified that, "According to a Pew Foundation survey, 45 percent of US adults are dealing with at least one chronic condition. While only 19 percent of people with no chronic conditions track their health indicators, 40 percent of adults with one chronic condition do so, and 62 percent of adults with two chronic conditions do so." With wellness, it's an option. With chronic illness, it's not.

New remote systems, driven by the healthcare providers, will connect patients and their stats to a healthcare team, allow for a more comprehensive overview of a patient's true state of health (not just what they remember at their next appointment), and enable doctors and nurses to offer improved continuity of care.

Looking at these trends, it might be that 2015 is the year when mobile, security, big data and the Internet of Things finally come together to benefit the consumer. I'll be watching each of these areas to see where we're going and why, and I will expand on my thoughts in the months to come.


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