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Why has digital not figured more strongly in #brexit versus #bremain?

Jonathan Briggs, Founder and Academic Director, Hyper Island | June 23, 2016
Hyper Island's Jonathan Briggs contends that the issues being voted on are being viewed from a very myopic point of view, not taking into account that the world is already changing far beyond anyone’s control due to the forces being unleased by the change brought about by digital transformation.

More than anything we need to change education so that people feel empowered rather than simply ill-prepared for the challenges ahead.  This means learning to cope with change, a focus on transferable making and entrepreneurial skills and an expectation that they will be listened to and involved.

Britain's vote today may end in an angry demonstration of helplessness, but I hope not.  The digital revolution we are all part of will not go away if we stamp our feet and refuse to play anymore. I want a positive excited vote to stay in, followed by strong digital participation to remake the EU that can follow.


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